Bubu’s Little Bucket List

Bubu the English Bulldog truly understood the meaning of “new beginnings”.

He was abandoned at age 4, when he was struggling with bad skin issues. But his luck changed and he found a new family who regarded him as a family member.

This dear, dear boy was always happy and brought his new family great joy. He even beat his genetics and almost made it to 11 years.

Bubu was diagnosed with cancer last year. Due to his age, his family decided to prioritise the quality of BuBu’s remaining time.

And so began the most beautiful parting of ways, making their way every weekend through Bubu’s little bucket list by visiting all the parks in Singapore. He loved the car rides, he loved looking out at all the greenery, he loved spending time with his family. His big, dark eyes brimmed with all the love and gratitude he had for them.

Bubu started to struggle a couple of weeks ago. His family checked him into ICU but Bubu wanted to be home. And so they brought him home, where he passed happily and peacefully in the bosom of his family.

Run free dearest Bubu, go with our love! 🌈🙏


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