Little Nugget of Gold

Nugget was as good as gold! He regularly won medals in obedience trials and was in high demand as a pawdel in commercials and short films.

He had a wonderful personality that drew people to him, friendly, self assured and soooo handsome. He also had a playful, goofy side to him that made him even more endearing. Especially when it involved his favourite durians!

He lived life to the full, hiking (+ DIY mudspa), swimming and playing fetch and even found time to become papa to Ingot.

Nugget was a regular blood donor, always willing to answer a blood donation appeal. He and Ingot were lovingly supportive of Chance, a rescue palliative care GR that his pawrents fostered for a while.

Dearest Nugget passed a couple of weeks ago and left a big hole in his home. His family dearly miss their wonderful friend and companion.

Run free dearest Nugget, go with our love.

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