Mako – The Brightest Meteor

Dearest Mako was like a bright, shiny meteor shooting across the night sky.

He had the biggest, megawatt smile, the greatest exuberance for all things, food, hoomans, doggos alike.

He was so loved by his family that he never doubted for even one nanosecond that he was always firmly and securely planted in their hearts. So secure was he that he knew no appeasement was needed even when he stole an entire packet of treatos. Instead he grinned at his momma as if to ask was there any more. 🤣🤣

Sadly, just like a meteor, Mako burned through life 😢😢. He passed at the tender age of two after a short illness.

We know that your heart aches dear family, as you try to take comfort that Mako is relieved from his suffering. May the precious memories of the time you spent with this rare, wonderful dog be with you always. And may his love be with you always.

Run free dearest Mako, go with our love. 🌈🙏

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