Loving Sydney Unconditionally

Love happened just like that. Soft doe eyes peering out of a gentle face, holding his breath just in case this family also walked away.

But no, 6 year old Sydney’s luck had changed. ❤️ the family decided to adopt him and loved him unconditionally from the get go.

Despite him marking all over the house and shredding everything not nailed down. Despite his initial insecurity, despite his sometimes incessant barking.

Instead his new family viewed him through a lens of love. All they saw was Sydney’s potential as they lived a day at a time and watched dear Sydney grow in confidence, becoming the sweetest, gentle boi that one could ever ask for.

Sydney passed in early May at age 15 after 9 beautiful years with his mommy, daddy and sister Buffy. The balcony where he liked to spend the hours catching zephyrs and sunbeams still resonates with his gentle presence.

Run free little Sydney! Go with our love! 🌈❤️


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