Robin’s Golden Years

Robin the Yellow Lab was the sweetest boi ever!

His innocence and simple joy in small things like tennis balls, apples or bananas stayed with him his entire life. He brought great joy to his family who adopted him at age 7 after he had retired.

You see, Robin had been a working dog who proudly served our country as a K9 sniffer dog. He was trained to detect explosives and also served in search and rescue missions. He left his family in Northern Ireland when he was only 2 months old to come to our shores.

Dearest Robin spent his retirement happily with his loving family. They made sure he still got to indulge in his favourite search activities, hunting for his favourite tennis ball deep in the bushes!

Robin left a few weeks ago. He would have turned 14 in July. His family still catch themselves looking out for his furiously wagging tail welcoming them home. 😢😢

Run free sweet Robin. Go with our love. 🌈🙏

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