Goldie with the Dogtorate, Cayea

The soft, teddy bear paws. The big pleading eyes. The cute button nose. All surrounded by a halo of fine, golden floof. Baby Cayea, at four months old, conquered all hearts.

Through all her milestones, Cayea padded gently on, ever sweet, patient and loving. She loved her humans and would follow her neighbour a law professor to the university campus to pursue her “dogtorate”.

She loved soft toys with a passion and had a nice collection that she gently loved but never destroyed. Not all these toys were given her, Cayea thought nothing of adopting little floofy babies that she came across, including Callum the doggo who was a door stop in a previous life, now repurposed as a “dog stopper”. 🤭🤭

This sweet, beautiful girl lived life to the fullest, with great delight at the smallest things, be it a little biscuit or a playdate with a doggy friend.

Cayea passed a couple of weeks ago, just a few months shy of her fourteenth birthday. Run free dear Cayea! Go with our love. 🌈🙏

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