Friend, to one and all

Friend the SS was adopted in June 2010. He was still a young pupper but no one knew exactly how old he was.

Dear Friend was exactly that. A friend to one and all. He looked at the world with his calm, gentle gaze. He had the best smile ever, with his lovely pink tongue lolling out in pure delight.

He loved his doggy friends, whether it was gently bumping noses or exuberantly running alongside in play.

Friend loved his walkies, even as age caught up with him and his hind legs grew weak, he still kept up his walkies with the help of his wheelchair.

And when his front legs started to fail as well, Friend made the best of his front lawn and loved lying on the grass catching some rays.

Sweet Friend passed a couple of weeks ago and his family miss his gentle presence around the house.

Run free dear Friend, go with our love.

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