Elven, the Centenarian Lab

Elven the Labrador was 16 when he passed, almost a centenarian in human years.

Elven was magnificent, a beautiful, athletic example of his breed. He was blessed with a gentle spirit and an optimism about life and all it held. His love knew no bounds and his innocence and joie de vivre brought untold joy and laughter to all those around him.

As age caught up with him, his old bones started to feel his years. But dearest Elven kept smiling, despite his painful arthritis and failing kidneys. Despite the betrayal of his body, Elven still put those he loved first, always considerate, always thoughtful, always patient true to his sole purpose of bringing joy and laughter to his family.

His family are slowly coming to accept that Elven had to leave them, but are grateful for the many years he gave them and will ever carry with them his pawprints on their hearts, remembering their sweet, faithful boy.

Run free dear Elven, go with our love. 🌈🙏

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