Boss of the House, Shabby

You never expect it. To fall so deeply in love with a 3 week old fuzzy meatball that your entire existence almost revolves around him.

The little fumbling puppy grew into a high jump star that counter surfed for choice morsels. Shabby was goofy and sneaky at the same time. He was always in the middle of everything that happened at home, sticking his nose in, offering an opinion, his intelligent head tilted at an angle. Whether it was a lightbulb being changed or claiming his share of a family feast, he was always there, supervising and making sure things were done correctly!! 😂😂 Little by little, he wormed his way into his family’s heart and they realised how much he meant to them when little Shabby ran away from his boarding facility when his family had to board him once. His family’s world was turned upside down as they contemplated the awful possibility of losing him. They searched for him well into the night and fortunately he was found. Precious Shabby was cherished even more after this.

Dear Shabby had his share of health issues, from a recurring ear hematoma to allergies resulting in serious skin allergies. He developed spinal issues when he was 9 years old, but his fighting spirit was strong and he made a strong recovery. Unfortunately, 11 year Shabby started to fade this year and succumbed to heart and kidney disease.

His family miss their lovely boy, who lived life to the hilt. Always running towards trouble, and always brimming over with love for his family.

Run free dear Shabby, go with our love. 🌈❤️

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