Sweet, dainty Janee

Princess Janee was loved by all. No one could resist her big puppy eyes, her sweet little pink mouth, the pretty curls on her ears nor her little, black button nose, everything about Janee was dainty and pretty.

She was a happy, carefree spirit, and there was nothing she loved more than frolicking in the park, running after butterflies and birds. She would run after one butterfly after another till she flopped down on the grass, totally out of steam.

Janee lived with a zest for life, she approached everything with a good natured and infectious enthusiasm. Everyone loved her. And they indulged her with all her favourite foods, of which French Fries were her absolute favourite — in Janee’s world, there was no such thing as having too many fries. 🫢🥰

Age slowly caught up with dear Princess Janee, especially after kor kor Jaden passed in Oct 2019. She hung on bravely, cherishing time with her beloved family. She passed a couple of weeks ago and left her family missing her sweet, gentle presence.

Run free, dear, sweet Janee! Go with our love! 🌈❤️


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