Stories worth Retelling…

We try to put out a story every Saturday. It started with Tige, a Mutts & Mittens rescue that they managed to rehome. MM had posted a tribute video for Tige. That really resonated with us and we wanted to to do the same for other doggos that crossed our doors.

Sometimes because we know the customers wanted a memorial containing all the beloved images of their beloved pet lovingly compiled into a video.

Oscar –

Boy Fong –

Elven –

Sometimes because we wanted to give something to help comfort the griefstricken pawrents.

Natsuki Momo –

Heidi –

Bubu –

And, sometimes because their stories were so inspirational that we wanted to tell them to celebrate their lives.

Tuxxy Sweet –

Nugget –

Mollie –

Standing with You. Standing by You.

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