Keep Calm & Carry On, Louis!

Louis the Golden Retriever was a rascal! The most lovable and cheeky rascal that brought joy to his family every day of his precious life.

Louis was a skilled magician, he had an amazing ability to apparate everytime he smelt food. He was skilled in mind control, turning on his puppy eyes to scam treatos and crumbs from the table. He could also make socks and stockings disappear. He waged a lifelong battle with his nemesis the Pond Turtle, even sustaining a battle wound in one epic exchange.

He was also a manja baby, he loved his cuddles and belly rubs. He loved snuggling with his hooman didi. He would get emo when he got told off, and would seek out another family member for sayang. He would also sulk for days whenever he needed to be shaved down.

Louis had an indomitable spirit and could have been the poster boy for the Keep Calm & Carry On brigade. Even when he was battling cancer, he still loved to snatch the floor mat and engage the family in tug-o-war challenge. He never let on that he was experiencing any pain or discomfort, it was full throttle for him right to the end. Maximum loving, maximum living, “terrorising” the family till his last breath.

Sweet Louis passed a couple of weeks ago and his family dearly miss their happy pill. Run free dearest Louis, go with our love. 🌈❤️

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