Gal with the Sweetest Smile, Gal Gal

Gal Gal’s life was the best possible tribute to her mama & papa’s love for her.

Gal Gal was found running round East Coast Park as a wee 7 month old pupper. She was covered in mange and infested with worms. She met her future Mama at an ASD adoption drive. She put on her best pawdel behaviour and they picked her for her calm behaviour. Little did they realise they had adopted a Tasmanian devil till they got home. 🤣🤣 Gal Gal terrorised her Mama’s nephew and reacted to strangers, cars and dogs. She could sense fear from a distance and would try to get in a pre emptive nip to keep them in a place. Her new pawrents were horrified but decided to shoulder on. Training, positive reinforcement, lots of love and patience and slowly Gal Gal started to blossom.

Her family loved her to the moon and back, and in return they had her undying loyalty. She brought them tons of joy, they laughed at how the greedy gal would magically appear in the kitchen even though she had been asleep in the living room seconds ago. She was the bestest JieJie to her Mama’s foster dogs.

Gal Gal lived to the grand old age of 18! Her Mama & Papa cherished every moment they had with her and made sure she still lived life to the full, even when she became incontinent, had leaky anal glands and could no longer walk. Instead of diminishing, their love for Gal Gal burned even brighter. They stood by her till she breathed her last breath.

Run free Gal Gal! Go with our love. 🌈❤️

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