Much Loved Fifi

Fifi the mini Schnauzer may not have been the luckiest boy, but he did not want for love. When his first family decided to give him up when they got pregnant, Fifi was adopted by a family who wanted a companion for their dog Cookie.

They set out to give Fifi the best life they could. Fifi loved his soft toys and balls and got loads of them to call his own. He loved his walkies, and he was brought out to run about and even tried to chase birds on his short little legs (nottie boy Fifi)! He loved his food and knew how to whine pitifully like he was a famine victim to cadge a constant stream of treatos (sausages & fish, please, if I may).

Fifi developed arthritis when he was only 7 years old 😢, and then heart problems an a tumour as he grew older. He had little mobility in his final years, but would lie on his little bed and look out at the sky, barking at the birds overhead telling them to not encroach on his little kingdom.

Little Fifi crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago. The photos in this memorial video are especially precious because Fifi was terrified of the camera and would hide under the table.

Run free little one, go with our love! 🌈💗

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