Waggy’s Enduring Love

Dementia is a terrible thing, it robs you of who you are. Thankfully, however, it leaves you with love. Even when you forget your own name, even when you forget language, you will still remember love.

Little Waggy was a “tail-powered” JRT that stole the hearts of his family as a tiny pup.

The little dynamo loved playing fetch with his ball, he would not tire of chasing his ball except when it fell into the water. Waggy hated water and would wait till the waves receded before retrieving his ball.

Every morning found him catching rays in a sunny spot. He would then get to work to scam some extra yumms, Waggy was expert level in giving his paw in return for treatos. He was a health freak, so that included a healthy dose of vegetables and his favourite parsley! 🤔

And this was how little Waggy lived out his days. Age caught up 2 years ago when Waggy was 15 years old. He had arthritis and dementia and Waggy started to forget his commands and his name. But he retained his love for his favourite snacks, slow walks and his beloved family most of all.

Waggy passed peacefully a couple of weeks ago, surrounded by his family.

Run free little one, go with our love! 🌈💕


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