Second Life for Rex

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how we start life. The important thing is to finish strong.

Rex the JRT had a difficult first half. Chained, fed cheap, nasty kibbles, denied medical care that resulted in him going blind in his left eye.

The early days with Rex after he was rehomed weren’t easy. Rex was already a senior JRT by then, he had a sensitive back leg and would snap if not handled properly and he was blind in his left eye. At his new home Rex was very defensive and would often snarl, his tail was cautiously tucked between his legs. He had to be handled very carefully and delicately and be muzzled during showers.

Over some time, Rex kinda relaxed into sweet goofiness. He was given the run of the house and sometimes to get stuck in corners or gaps between furniture and had to call to be rescued! 🤭🤭 He reverted to the innocence of his puppyhood and loved being carried and cuddled. He finally felt safe and happy in his furever home.

Rex crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago, having known what it feels like to have led a beautiful life in the bosom of a loving family. Run free dear Rex, go with our love! 🌈💕

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