Maggi, the Mentor Lab

Thirteen years ago, a little doggo languished in a shelter. She was only 2.5 years but had already been given up on. When it came to Maggi the Labrador’s turn to be adopted, it was as if a switch had turned in her head. This pure soul resolved to be the kindest, most loving and faithful dog she could possibly be, and to remember her own journey by always giving a helping paw to other little ones who were yet to find their furever homes.

Sweet Maggi brought only love to her hoomans. Living each single day as a tribute to her love for them. She lived her best life, playing catch, swimming and best of all, long aimless walks with her beloved hoomans. And of course, food, Maggi was a Labrador after all.

The most amazing quality about Maggi though, was how she mentored the little ones. She fostered more than 15 puppies, she showered them with love so they grew up confident and optimistic, and she disciplined them so they knew their boundaries.

Maggi crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago. A life well lived indeed, run free sweet girl. Go with our love. 🌈💕

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