Sven, the Unexpected Blessing

Sven crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of weeks ago while he was still a young lad. A reminder to us all how precious time is and how quickly it runs through the glass. 😢

Sven was an unexpected blessing that his family stumbled on one Sunday, they happened on an adoption drive and signed up to foster a dog as part of their training to maybe adopt a dog one day. A few weeks later Sven came to stay, Sven had been given up by his previous owners because of behavioural issues, but for his new foster family he was their perfect dog. They loved his goofy and joyful personality and decided to make him their permanent family member.

Sven quickly settled into a carefree, chill existence. He spent the majority of day snoozing or or staring out the window, waiting for his family to return and begin the fun and games. Sven loved the beach, even if he didn’t like the water. He loved the dog park and running about messing with other doggos. He loved bringing his favourite toys to his family, getting them to play tug with him. He would nuzzle his family with his head and nibble gently on their hands when he wanted their attention. He loved his family and made sure they knew it.

Sven also had a cheeky and sneaky side to him. He was adept at opening doors, drawers, food packaging, whatever it took. The family often returned to find their home ransacked, all doors and drawers opened and food wrappers scattered on the floor. And Sven, he would be there waiting with a cheeky grin plastered on his face, clearly pleased with himself. Sven was a bottomless pit, and always had room for one more snack and despite his family’s best attempts to furtively eat a snack, Sven would always magically appear and beg for just a tiny morsel.

Sadly Sven fell ill after just 5 short years with his family. They are heartbroken but take comfort in all the beautiful memories Sven gave them. He will be forever in their hearts and always a member of their family.

Run free dearest Sven, with all your doggy friends across the Rainbow Bridge. Go with our love. 🌈💕

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