Singing For Tobie

Losing a beloved pet is a desperately hard thing to bear. Especially when it blows in out of nowhere and your baby has crossed the rainbow bridge just two short days later.

So it was with Tobie the GR. He had come to his family as a tiny puppy and was a very much loved member of the family. He was super smart, loving and chill. What more could one ask for? This loving boy would trot over with a look of concern over his dear face if any of his family members as much as sneezed! Every so often he would just come and sit next to one of his family members and give them kisses. He was gentle and easy going and could be trusted with babies and elderly alike. He always seemed like he understood his family’s conversations and could always be counted on to be there in the thick of things.

As dear Tobie aged, he started to get stiff in his joints and struggled to jump into the car and had a permanent limp. Two months ago, Tobie started to bark for no reason but would stop when the family went over to sayang him. Then one day his family noticed a little blood on an ulcer on Tobie’s gum, in the following weeks, the situation worsened and Tobie had to be rushed to the emergency room. Despite a blood transfusion, the family knew he was on borrowed time. A tumour was found in his spleen and due to his age and poor health, surgery was not an option. Tobie clung on for 2 days, his Mama sang his song quietly to him and whispered gently that it was okay for him to go. They lifted him up on the table and after a good look at his family, he closed his eyes and departed in his Mama’s arms, complete in the knowledge that his beloved family would be alright in the mantle of love he left them.

Run free sweet Tobie. Go with our love. 🌈💕

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