Lucky the Happy Pill

Lucky the Japanese Spitz was his papa’s happy pill. Lucky’s sweet little face was what his papa saw every day when he woke, when he came back from work and before he slept at night.

Lucky was the perfect companion — chill, greedy and funny. He believed in equal rights and that as a family member he should have a share in all food, especially durian. You could set a watch by his internal clock. Every night at 10pm he would appear and paw a family member to let them know it was suppertime!

He loved his little outings to the sea. He loved playing with other doggos. He loved snuggling in his little bed. But most of all, he loved his hoomans.

Lucky fell ill very suddenly and passed away before his illness could be diagnosed. His poor papa was not prepared for Lucky’s sudden passing. 🤍

Run free dear Lucky! We know you would like your dear papa to know he gave you your best life ever. Go with our love! 🌈❤️

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