Mocha’s Hundred Percent

It was ten percent luck (that his future family walked past)

Twenty percent skill (the sweet little face)

Thirty percent concentrated power of will (eye power 10 million)

Forty percent pleasure (the sweet little lick and nuzzle)

And a hundred percent reason to remember the name Mocha

That’s how Mocha the French Bulldog was chosen to become part of the family that loved him to the end of the world and back. Mocha was the very centre of that circle of love. Sweet, affectionate Mocha was a chill dog who expert in lying in his little bed. But the moment there was the slightest mention of food, he would become extremely animated. He would make his way to the kitchen and stand at his post by the door waiting to be fed. His favourite food was fruits and he would get really excited at the prospect of a little bite of his favourite snack!

He loved people, his family and strangers alike. He liked taking the lift especially when there were friendly humans present, even running into the lift ahead of his family to get some pats from random dog loving strangers.

Dearest Mocha crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of weeks ago on his little bubble of love and goodwill. His family miss their little, sweet friend. Run free sweet Mocha, go with our love! 🌈💗

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