My Sweet Destiny

Destiny the GR was the goofiest, most adorable and loyal companion one could ask for. She was named Destiny because her mom felt she had been chosen by her, she was the only pup in the litter who reached out her little paw, her tiny body shaking with the giant wags and a huge smile planted on her face, letting her future mom know that this little pup was her destiny.

Right from the beginning, Destiny showed her loving and caring character. She was always at her mom’s side, faithfully sharing highs and lows. Watching over her mom in sickness, offering herself as a warm therapeutic hug when she was down. A big protective big sister to her little human brother.

Destiny loved water, and would jump in every opportunity she got, it did not matter whether it was the bath tub or a running tap, she would luxuriate in the water, laying down in the water on her back, enjoying the lovely soak. Destiny also loved napping, and would often “play the tuba” when she fell into a deep sleep. Unfortunately, poor dad often got blamed by mom for Destiny’s loud snores.

Destiny was a neat freak, she was the dog equivalent of those who carry a scrap of paper in their bags so they would have a clean place to sit on when out an about. Destiny would not sit on the ground, she would always find a stool or something to plant her bottom on. Neither did she like the beach, she hated the feeling of sand between her toes and hurting her poor, delicate, princess paws. Every visit to the beach resulted in Destiny scamming her poor dad into carrying her about.

Destiny crossed to Rainbow Paradise a couple of weeks ago, her family are so grateful for the blessing she has been in their lives. Run free little one, go with our love. 🌈💗

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