Sweetie Pie Sasha

Sasha the Border Collie was such a sweetie pie. She was funny, greedy, devoted and affectionate and much loved by everyone at home. Her life’s purpose was simply just to be at the side of her family, quietly accompanying grandpa in the evenings, waiting up for papa to return from a night out so she could follow him about making a big fuss of him, or sharing the family’s daily supper of fruits.

She was her papa’s baby, and loved when he would pat her to sleep, her heavy eyelids fluttering wide open should papa have the audacity to stop before she fell asleep. She loved durians, she loved chasing the birdies to prevent them from invading her backyard and she loved spying on the neighbours.

Beautiful Sasha crossed the rainbow bridge in November and her family miss their beautiful girl greatly. Run free sweet Sasha! Go with our love! 🌈❤️

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