Loveable SugarBear

Loveable SugarBear the Singapore Special was simply just loveable. She was sugar and spice and all things nice. She was a factory dog who was rescued and homed in a boarding facility till she was adopted a couple of years ago.

She settled in immediately and was always happy and contented. She was a much loved family member, she was their best friend and she taught them great life lessons of gratefulness and graciousness. She never asked for much but her simple delight in little things spurred them on to bring home little treats for her, just to see her silly little face, just to see her tail on overdrive, just to see the relish with which she ate the treats. Her Grandpa took to cycling out to buy roast chicken from Cold Storage just to see the silly girl’s joy when she caught a whiff of her “most favouritest” food in the world.

SugarBear was the sweetest and most good natured dog. She left such a deep impression on everyone who she met, they knew instinctively how precious she was. So when SugarBear crossed the Rainbow Bridge a couple of months ago, many came to send her off, to wish her peace and to send her off with their blessings.

Her family still greatly miss their sweet girl but cherish the 2 years that SugarBear blessed their home with. They hold the laughter, the love and happiness closely to their hearts and are forever grateful for SugarBear’s time with them.

Run free SugarBear, go with our love! 🌈💗

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