Audi’s Entire World

We all love our dogs. But some of our doggos push our buttons every once in a while.

But not Audi though. Dear Audi was one of those dogs who thought they only existed for you. Absolutely loved his hoomans. Friend to all doggos. His whole life focused on making his hoomans happy.

Audi had a career, he was an award winning show dog both locally and internationally. He modelled, he acted, he performed. His trick in trade was playing dead. He could pull that off so flawlessly that he would impress the pants off onlookers.

Despite the discipline and restraint he exhibited at work, he was a simple boy at heart. He loved swimming and rolling about in the grass. And he had a major soft spot for his little brother Aven.

Audi passed this week. We are so sorry for your loss Alvin and family. But we are sure that Audi is once again in a good place, swimming and running through lush fields. Till we meet again, run free wonderful Audi.

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