Setting Free

We started sea scattering of pet remains back in our Tengoku days.

It came out of a desire to offer an alternative to a dusty, forgotten urn pushed to the back of a shelf. We thought the sea perfect as an eternal resting place, in its boundlessness, in setting souls free.

We wanted to make it beautiful, to take it seriously, ceremonially. And so sea scattering is personally undertaken by our boss, as a labour of love, honouring the little ones who have passed.

So every other Saturday, at the crack of dawn, he will carry a precious cargo of pet remains onto a boat. Night still envelops as he sets out, the lights twinkle at him from shore as they pull out. By the time he returns, it is light, the soft, fresh early morning of a new day.

Once out at the scattering site, he will pull on a pair of white gloves, his way of showing respect. His body stiffens and his back straightens as he scatters little flowers in a broad flourish of his arm. And then the ashes, he slowly tilts the urn, allowing the ashes to be gently wafted into the wind and onto the flowers and the sea foam. Only one thought as he performs this final rite – the name of the pet and a blessing of release, of setting free.

Run free little ones, go with our love. 🌈❤️

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