Six Little Pups: Go with our prayers

Fate can sometimes be so cruel. What was to have been an eagerly awaited, happy event, turned suddenly into a nightmare. We really felt the pain of the dear owner and the mommy dog.

The months of watching the mommy dog’s tummy swelling, feeding her supplements, keeping a close eye on her and taking extra special care of her suddenly took a tragic turn. A little still born puppy unexpectedly dropped out of the mommy dog. A mad rush to the emergency vet followed by 2 still born pups, another abnormal pup that was already calcified. And saddest of all, 2 little live births that just weren’t viable despite the vet’s best efforts. They managed to resuscitate these fragile pups, but they passed shortly after. 💔💔💔

Poor mommy dog and poor, dear human family. We really felt your pain. We totally got why you sought out a prayer service to send these babies off, we are glad we could help you with that. Thank you for choosing us. It was a real honour to be able to send them off.

Run free little ones. You were named to mark you with love. To acknowledge your little lives and to mourn you could not be with us longer. Go with all our love always.

May be an image of animal and text that says 'Run Free, Angel, Amber, Bernie Bunny Tabby & Teddie'

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