Standing With You, Standing By You

Some people believe that souls linger on for a short while after death. That may be so, we don’t know. All we know is that when we receive a little one at Rainbow Paradise, we never regard it as an object.

It’s something more, still an entity, a precious body that once held a beautiful life. Something to be treated with love, respect and dignity. It’s never about processes and steps or actions. We lock on from the moment they cross our threshold, either in the arms of their owners or in our transport van. Our hearts reach out to hold them and we irrationally reassure them in our heads. “Be at peace, little one, it’s just one sleep away now.”

We gently remove the swaddling and lay the little one out and tenderly brush till the coat is smooth. Metaphorically freeing him from all his struggles, soothing away his sorrows till his looks restored, he looks asleep, at peace. We unhurriedly lay the sheer, fine cloth we place over him, meticulously, obsessively folding the borders to tuck him in. Then flowers to make everything beautiful and finally little lights to illuminate the way.

It’s obssessive attention to detail because that’s how we lavish the little one with our love, and how we provide the highest standard of service we can deliver. That is our definition of luxury.

Standing with you. Standing by you.

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