We’ll Be There For You When the Moment Comes

It isn’t something we want to prepare for. And when that terrible day finally arrives we are seldom in a state to make decisions.

That’s why we try to keep it simple. Our packages include all the necessary bits – collection and drop off, urns, cold storage, dressing of the body, flowers, a private farewell room, mantra papers, bone picking or sea scattering, etc. We will take care of everything, we will stand by you, we will stand with you.

All you need to do is to give us a call and decide when you want the funeral.

We will guide you along the way to create a beautiful farewell for your little one.

Would you like a little more time with your baby at home, just turn on the aircon and we will come only when you are ready

.Do you have any special instructions for the arrangement of the body? Favourite treats, floral arrangement theme? No rubber, no plastic, no metal, all else is fine.

Will you be able to come for the funeral? If not, we will take photos for you. Would you like to perform bone picking or do you prefer a sea scattering?

And if you intend to set up a memorial nook at home, we have a small selection of urns and accessories that you might also like to get.

And when you are here with us, we will take care of you. Do forgive us if we aren’t able to hold back the tears sometimes, it’s really hard when there’s so much love in the room.

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