Chutney: The Sweetest Cat Ever

Some people will tell you that cats are aloof creatures and that’s why they prefer dogs. Actually, it’s down to personality and dear Chutney was as sweet as her name.

She was rescued as a kitten and lived her 21 years perfectly bonded to her family, the Khanals. Gentle, calm and extremely loving, she loved spending time in her family’s laps. She was beautiful too, with her lovely calico coat and her limpid, green eyes. She was their therapy cat, a little time with her and the world seemed a better place.

You couldn’t ask for a better cat than Chutney. She was scrupulously clean and never had any accidents around the house. She was such a good girl, she never made a fuss and only ever had perfect trust in her family. Regardless of whether it was a bath, meds/supplements, subcut or a vigorous scrub of her teeth with dental gel, she always cooperated fully.

She was wonderfully patient with the little uns as well. She calmly tolerated cheeky swipes and teasing from hyperactive kitty mates.

Even in the last weeks of her life, Chutney was there for her family. As the world slipped away from her, her focus stayed on beloved family, twitching her tail or blinking her eyes in response to a sayang with what little energy she had.In the words of her family, Chutney was an angel, serene, loving and quietly courageous right to the end when she drew her last breath.

Chutney really was the perfect cat and she will forever live in her family’s heart. Run free dearest Chutney.

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