Goodbye MaeMae, Everybody’s Sweetheart

Do you believe in love at first sight? It happened with MaeMae, sweetheart of the Singapore Specials FB Group.

MaeMae was living in the carpark in an industrial estate when she was rescued. She was about 4 years old and already whelped 3 litters by then.

She spent the next 4 years in 3 different foster homes because she failed to get adopted.

Then one fateful day, her future papas met MaeMae’s biological mom, Sweetheart, at an ASD adoption drive. On a long shot, MaeMae’s rescuer asked if they would be interested in a brown version of jetblack Sweetheart? So a visit was arranged and when MaeMae saw the twins, unusually for her, she immediately engaged with them. Love at first sight! They brought her home and adopted her soon after. Thus begun almost 4 beautiful years.

Members of the SS Group looked forward to MaeMae’s posts. Her sweet face, dopey smile and eyes shining with love for her papas was a daily drug members looked forward to, ourselves included. So when MaeMae passed suddenly last Saturday, we too felt her loss and we wanted to do a tribute video to remember MaeMae, her joyful zoomies and her fluffy pink bed that suited Princess MaeMae perfectly.

Run free dearest, sweet girl, our love goes with you always. 💕💕💕

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