Junior Boy

When we bring that darling ball of fluff home, we whisper to ourself words of gratitude and a silent promise to always love and protect.

Sometimes, however, that promise is the hardest thing in the world to keep. When illness strikes, not the type that can be sorted with some pills or an operation but the kind that eats you up from the inside, it becomes the hardest promise to keep.

Junior’s Papa stayed by him when he got ill, unwavering in his promise to love and protect. Administering subcut, making sure Junior swallowed the nasty meds. Taking the time to make sure their limited time together was filled with golden moments.

Junior’s journey was completed in early November. Junior’s Papa is still coming to terms with the big hole Junior left behind.

Run free dear Junior, watch over your dear Papa from across the Rainbow Bridge. 🌈🙏

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