Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, Kenzo

Late last year a senior dog started appearing outside The Animal Lodge in Sungei Tengah.

He was friendly and charismatic and the staff at Mutts & Mittens Community decided to take him in because he looked like he wasn’t used to taking care of himself.

Kenzo quickly became the office dog and turned out to be an absolute hit with the ladies. He brought many laughs with his vocalizations. He didn’t so much bark as howl in an almost human voice that he was hungry, needed more treats or just simply attention. 🤗🤗

Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer and started to waste away. Frequent shelter visitor Irene decided to foster Kenzo, to give him a few good months in her home before his time ran out.

Boyoboy, despite his illness, this grumpy old man ruled the roost. But every time he gave her his beautiful smile, Irene knew she was more than richly paid.

Kenzo completed his journey this week and we got to send this charming rascal off at Rainbow Paradise.

Run free Kenzo, go easy on the ladies up there. Don’t break too many hearts.

Watch our tribute video here:

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