Beating Time with Pebbles

Pebbles the Dalmatian was as beautiful a soul as they come. She was physically stunning as well, with her gorgeous coat and her gazelle like grace.

This goodest gal was adopted by her family in November 2020, who made it their business to nurse her back to health with a good diet and regular vet reviews. They were rewarded with Pebbles blossoming, she grew stronger and more and more energetic as she regained her health. She was always a lady though, gentle, friendly and cooperative in all things.

Pebbles did not waste any time, she lived by carpe diem. She embraced life with the greatest enthusiasm — her simple delight when it was time for her walkies, stealing table scraps, basking in the sun, begging for belly rubs, welcoming visitors but most of all, her enjoyment of music played by her musical family. She had very refined taste and especially enjoyed light classical and guitar music. She would close her eyes and lose herself in the melodies, drifting between sleep and consciousness, beating time with her tail.

Pebbles moved to Singapore in August, and had time to go glamping and celebrate her first Deepawali in Singapore before falling ill with fever. She sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in her sleep on 4th November. We are so sorry that you did not have more time on our shores, dear, amazing Pebbles. Run free little one, dance with the apsaras across the rainbow bridge. Go with our love. 🌈💗

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