Amber, Queen of Hearts

Amber the English Cocker Spaniel was stunning. It wasn’t just her looks, it was also her sweet, loving nature that shone through.

Amber was only 3 months old when her original family gave her up. Sometimes, its just a question of fit. And Amber was a perfect fit with her new family.

Her gentle, loving nature captured their hearts and she became a member of their loving family.
She gave them thirteen years filled with joy and love. Faithfully by their side always.

Amber lived life exuberantly, she loved so many things and found such happiness and contentment in small things — car rides, roast chicken and her favourite liver cakes or swimming in the sea. Any time spent with her beloved family was happy time for Amber!

This intelligent, fearless girl charged through life with grace, beauty and courage. Amber completed her journey a few weeks ago. Through their tears, her family are filled with a sense of gratefulness for the blessing that Amber’s thirteen years was for them.

Run free, beautiful one! Go with our love! 🌈❤

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